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Is my 2 year old normal ??

My 2 year old has broken 4 TVs already all in one year. I give him time out and I spank him I shout nothing work. Please help I don't know if this is just a phase or is something wrong he doesn't listen to anyone and my 6 year old is loosing her mind.. Please help me anyone out there ?? Is this normal behavior ??
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Re: Is my 2 year old normal ??

Do you think he may be doing it to get attention?  Is he getting enough quality time spent with him?

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Re: Is my 2 year old normal ??


I'm no expert, but I know "normal" is a pretty loose term. There most likely is absolutely nothing wrong with your son other than being overly precocious. That having been said, if anybody on this blog claims to be able to tell you anything more just by the information you have given, I'd be highly suspect.


Do yourself a favor, if you haven't already discuss your son with his pediatrician, or some other local expert who can see your son in person if need be.


You'll feel much better when he/she starts telling you stories about when their child was 2, and the stuff they would get into!



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