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Indecent Behavior from Husband

My husband of nearly 10 years has always been a funny, laid back person. We have 2 girls together, ages 9 and 4. Here lately, he has been displaying some immature, disgusting, and what I feel is highly inappropriate behaviors around our girls. Things like passing gas loudly and even in public then causing a scene about the smell, sound, ect, belching and doing the same thing - causing too much attention about it, making inappropriate jokes about adult things and telling our girls to laugh at them. Now our 4 year old is exhibiting the same inappropriate behaviors but my dilemma is, how can I teach her that it's wrong and unlady like when my husband is setting a bad example? I've tried seriously talking to him about it and ignoring him when he acts like that, much like you would a child, and we've had serious fights about it but he refuses to stop. I've even threatened to leave him for the sake of our daughters but it doesn't stop still. I know men are more immature than women, but this is clearly crossing the line in more ways than one. Please help with any advice!
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Re: Indecent Behavior from Husband

I think that you really need some professional help on this one. It's to the point that you've actually said you'll leave over it, which means it has to be pretty awfully bad. 


And- here's my take on this- if you are going to say you will leave if it continues, then you need to be ready to leave.

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Re: Indecent Behavior from Husband

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Re: Indecent Behavior from Husband

I agree, I think if you aren't getting anywhere by trying to talk to him about it, it's time for professional help.

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