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Importance of preschool education

In a society where education is fundamental, it is essential for young children to be prepared to attend primary schools by being allowed to participate in preschool activities. In this setting, they are going to learn and achieve their developmental stages and, if needed, screen for possible delays or problems. Preschoolers will be taught how to socially interact in groups of peers; they will learn how to understand and use more complex language, and also how to make cognitive connections in their everyday life. Statistics show that a majority of children attend at least one year of preschool. According to the National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) twenty-eight percent of America’s 4-year-olds were enrolled in a state-funded preschool program in the 2010-2011 school year, even as per child funding was cut, stressing the importance of ensuring quality in existing programs and expanding access to all children.

Raffaella Lamora

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Re: Importance of preschool education

Hey Raffela,


Thanks for sharing those stastics. We know that the earlier the learning process starts, the better it is for the kids as well. That's why preschools are becoming more and more important. A child soft values are actually nurtured in such school. He learns many things spanning from Know-how to making friends, play activities and many more. All these are focused to a better learned child since the time of inception. These are really great for parents and kids as well.

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Re: Importance of preschool education



First of all education is most important part of my life with education i can't do any thing.

Preschool is the first part of my educatin system beacuse childreans are learn some activities here.

So i can say' preschool is first stage of my education life.



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Re: Importance of preschool education

Thanks for sharing this idea about kids. I appreciate you for this post.


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