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How to solve bedwetting?

Is it possible for a child to stop wetting the bed without any treatment? By Dr. Jacob Sagie and Tal Sagie


Most children will stop wetting the bed on their own between ages two and four. From there, at age four, about 25% will still have bedwetting problems. At age six, even fewer (15%) will still wet the bed, and at age twelve, usually just between 4% and 5% will continue to have the problem.

Still, there is no possible way to determine whether bedwetting will stop and, if so, when that will happen. Even when a child seems to gradually be wetting the bed less frequently over time, parents should consider seeking treatment.

And certainly, when there is no decrease in frequency or there is an increase, parents should apply for treatment.

Some parents come to me and ask why they should bother with treatment if there is a chance the child may stop bedwetting by him or herself in due time. My answer to this question is, “Even if you knew your child would stop wetting the bed within the next few years, why would you want to let your child continue to suffer from enuresis? Why let your child be unable to stay away from home and continue to wake up to a wet bed?” Usually, the answer to this can go without saying.

Taking that into consideration, even when the child does not have bedwetting due to a psychological problem, it is possible for these problems to develop over time as a result of the child's self esteem and confidence being negatively impacted by enuresis. The child may wonder what is wrong with him or her and may feel upset, wondering “Why does this happen to me? Why can't I control my body?”

Without treatment, children can have their quality of life impacted negatively by enuresis. Because of this, it is vital for parents to seek out treatment for their children as needed.bedwetting child.jpg


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