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Re: Christmas shopping dilema

Thank you all for your input.  Like I said, I know that I have to get them something & we will.  This question really just stems from my being tired of being unappreciated.  I have 7 brothers & sisters, 4 of them have children & 1 is pregnant with her 1st.  My now husband & I have been buying presents for my nieces & nephews since the oldest (now 14) was born, shortly after we got engaged.  And we are usually the only ones who buy presents for any birthday or Christmas.  Honestly, I don't expect anyone else to buy anything for my kids.  I really don't.  But to hear from my one aunt that my (almost ex) SIL was telling her how we bought nothing for her children for Christmas last year when we are the only ones who do...  It pissed me off.  Even knowing that the source is someone who accused my BIL of 'teaching her children hate' and has said to me that her children 'do not lie'.  Also, I know that my 14 yo neice lied to my brother & 'reluctantly' told him all sorts of things I said about my SIL in front of her (not something I would ever do)!  And my 14 yo neice has also unfriended me on FB, so she went right along with her parents with the disowning me.  Maybe we should just follow everyone else & just not buy for anyone...  But we will most likely buy for everyone, including the ungrateful ones...




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