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Child behavior concerns

I write on behalf of my sister. 
She has a 11 year old daughter. She was low weight on birth, suffered internal bleeding due to which her motor development on right side is affected. She walks and behaves like any child, but right hand is not used much and limps while walking. She eats, writes etc with left hand. 
There had been lots of treatment done from infancy till school going age like physiotherapy, acupressure etc which had put the child under pressure from that age. 
She now goes to a regular school. She is very detached and very emotional. If we correct her on some mistake she gets upset very soon and starts crying. we try to make understand why her act was not acceptable, what are the consequences if it is repeated etc, which she will keep acknowledging. But again in few minutes she will repeat the same as if nothing had previously happened. If someone get in the mode of advising she try to keep away from that person.
She gets a pleasure when my sister (mom) gets scolding for the child's misbehaviour. Recently my sister found the daughter had  cash in her pocket and when questioned how she got it she said she dont know. Sister later realised that the money was taken from her purse. 
The child also had problems of passing stool and urine in her pants, while at school. My sister had tried to ask and understand why she wouldnt ask for permission to use toilet, bu the child does not say anything, but cry. This habit had happened for many times in last 2-3 years, but has not been seen over last few months. Even after she reach home she never goes to clean up or tells the mother, till mom finds out herself. 
As she is approaching teenage we are all concerned on how to coach and guide her...any experts reading this...please help!

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