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Advise Needed!!!!

Hello all!  I have never posted on anything like this but I am in crisis and I don't know who to turn to for advise.


My 16 year old daughter has been dancing since she was 3.  She has natural talent and has been going to just a low-key very relaxed studio.  2 years ago they started a competition team and she is 1 of 5 members of this team.  She has had alot of injuries over the past years but kept returning to dance.   Last year she said she wanted to quit dance and I told her she had to finish the season (ends in June), so she finished.  June came and she came to me and said she was going to audition for the competition team again and I told her I was happy but that if she did she would be in it for the ENTIRE season (July - June).


She hurt herself right before Christmas and has a bad bone bruise and it is very painful.  The doctor said she need to take a few weeks off to allow it to heal.   Here is where I need your advise.  They have their first competition coming up in 4 weeks and one in March, April and May.  Her and her teammates have worked soooooo hard in perfecting their dances for these competitions since last July.  She now instead of just taking a few weeks off to heal, wants to quit COMPLETELY!    I have a REAL problem with this and I feel that she should take the few weeks off and heal and finish out the season til june but my husband believes she should be allowed to quit.   She is being the typical teenager and playing the 2 of us against each other.  Since he is "on her side" he is the "good parent" and I am the worse parent in the world.


AM I WRONG????  

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Re: Advise Needed!!!!

If she is continuously getting hurt, it might be best for her body in the long run to just stop now.  I totally understand not wanting to condone her quitting.  However, if she is leaving due to injuries/health reasons it's different than just quitting to quit. 

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Re: Advise Needed!!!!

This is a tough one because I can see both sides. This would be my advice; if your daughter has healed from her injuries and she has a clean bill of health from her doctor, I would see that she sees the season out. I would explain that she made a promise to her team, she made a commitment and she has to honor that. You could talk to her coach though and say that due to the history of injuries, does the coach have a back up plan in case she is injured before a competition. But definitely talk to your husband separately to make sure you're both on the same page so she can't play sides. They're good at that aren't they!





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