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Anyone else get told all the time how fat they are I get so depressed it’s bad enough I cannot fit into my clothing but then I have people telling me I look so huge how will I make it the rest of the time I am 26wks and yes my belly is large but he is measuring big and I am really short dose anyone else have the same problem.

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Re: weight

I have never understood why others feel the need to comment on a pregnant woman's stomach! I'm sorry people are being so insensitive. When I got comments like that I tried to brush them off, but it's definitely hard. Just remember that you're growing an amazing little person in there and as long as you and he/she are healthy, that is what truly matters.  

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Re: weight

My doctor did this to me! I am a big girl to start with but buy the time we found out we were expecting I had started working on getting the weight off. The first few appointments I was losing weight but my abdomin was growing and he said it was all good I was really feeling good about my self. This week was a bad week for me I just had a lot of other things to do and no energy so I didnt make it to the gym. Already feeling cruddy about my self I bursted into tears when he exclamed. "Oh we are definetly growing!" Befor he even had his hand fully on my stomach! Then I posted a "Bump" photot on facebook beucase we have a lot of family out of town who are beggin to see. The first comment is from a friends mom who said and I quote. " You look beautiful buit are you sure there only one baby in there? Be carful sweety." Granted to say I was in tears ones again..... People suck honey screw um you are beautufil and making life! 

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Re: weight

I'm already extremely self conscious about my body and work really hard to maintain a certain fitness level. Well, since getting pregnant and being put on bed rest, my body is clearly not in the same shape it was 29 weeks ago. A few people were begging for baby bump pics and against my better judgment I sent them a pic. Then the comments about how big my butt has gotten and huge my breasts are started rolling in. Why even ask for pics if thats what you wanted to do? One person in particular made the comment about how my husband must be loving my body right about now (not with a positive inflection). I laughed it off and made a snarky comment but yeah, it really bothered me. My husband does in fact love my body but it because I'm carrying our child. He tries to be really reassuring but deep down, sometimes, it really bums me out. For the most part I try to remember that I am not getting larger for no reason at all, I am growing another person. Hang in there. You are definitely not alone! 

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Re: weight

People tend to be cruel but at the end of the day those people that make those comments althought they think is not making the other person feel bad they do, they are in need of what we all are expecting and dont realize what they are doing; the weight goes away really fast that is what i have read it all depends on the diet we have while preagnant and after giving birth, me in my personal experience i was slim before (135lbs) and i am now 155lbs

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