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So Many Emotions!!!

Hello everyone. I am a first time expectant mother. My due date is around October 10th...My Fiance and I are sooo excited, but at the same time we are worried as well. Many questions and thoughts are racing through our heads about certain symptoms, pains, foods, and even safe positions (in the bedroom). I have been feeling a lot of cramping, almost like I am about to get my this normal? Also I had an ultrasound performed and no sign of baby? Is it normal to not see a fetus attached to the uterus between weeks 4-5 of pregnancy. The doctor told me he thought I was really early 3 weeks. But the start of my last menstrual cycle was January 3rd, Which would make me at least 6 weeks pregnant. Has anyone else gone through this...I'm just worried and I want to make sure it's not a tubal preganancy or the fetus has attached to the uterus. 

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Re: So Many Emotions!!!

I had an ultrasound because i thought i was pregnant & because i had failed 3 urine test. I was also told that there was no baby. About 2 weeks later i went to the clinic and was told i was going on 8 weeks pregnant. As far as light cramping goes, i also have the same feeling. Ive had it for about 5 weeks! Its normal. Heavy bleeding with the cramps is not so normal
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Re: So Many Emotions!!!

Cramps are normal...I had an ultrasound done at 6.5 weeks and saw the baby but only because they went in and did and internal ultrasound, they have what looks like a wand that going through the vagina.the baby wasn't big enough to see from the other ultrasound. I hope this helps!

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Re: So Many Emotions!!!

I think it's a bit early, try another scan in a few weeks time. I just went for one and I'm 7weeks and it's a tiny little thing, hard to catch in the picture, it was all quite blurred. But wait till you see the 12 week one. That's the amazing one! This is my second baby. X
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