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Is anyone thinking names yet?

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Re: Names?

Yes! I already had a girls name since we started having kids...Samantha. I have a daughter but we thought she may be our only girl so we picked a name we could fit both grandma's into. I also had a boys name....Phillip...but not sure as we have a good friend with that name.

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Re: Names?

When we had our little guy, we had names picked out for either gender just in case so we are ready to go with a girl's name this time. But since we don't know if we are having a boy or girl yet this time, we have been tossing around a few boys names. I love, love, love the name Orion, but my hubby might need some convincing. I think he's just hoping it's a girl this time! :smileywink:

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Re: Names?

We have names ...and then back-up names! we both love Reese Mary for a girl (both of our mother's names are Mary Beth! So we want to use Mary as a middle name) and for our husband actually made this up as a joke but then I secretely ended up loving it. I looked it up online and it is in fact a real first name, it is an irish form of Walter which is my grandfather's name! I thought it was a sign. The name is Quaid, Quaid Russell (my husbands middle name). I don't mind honest opinions on this name!! I'm interested to hear thoughts!

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Re: Names?

I have a student named Quade... its a unique name, and fits him well!
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Re: Names?

For a boy my husband and I love Silas Franklin...a combination of family and biblical names. For a girl we both really like Annabelle Lee...a combination of family and some of our favorite literature names. 

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Re: Names?

i have a name for if mines a girl Renesmee Claire from twilight cause im such a twilight lover and if its a boy it will be my boyfriends name so it will be a jr


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