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Looking for advise!



I am 13 weeks pregnant and though of course we don’t know what the baby's gender is yet we have had names picked out for a awhile. It was always talked about that if we had a Boy it would be Dean Andon so that our son would have the same initials as my husband and his father, and if we have a Girl it would be Auberney Jon. I told my husband I have an overwhelming feeling we are having a Son. At that point my husband told me he wants a Jr. My husband’s name is Douglas Anthony, and as much as I love him I hate his name. I don’t like Junior or J.R. and I have a brother and a cousin that are D.J we have talked about calling him Anthony we are from  very Italian families, so we have an Anthony, Tony, and Baby Anthony. How do I bring up to my husband that I don’t like the name? How do I tell him I want to deny him a Jr? Am I being selfish?


Thank you so much for any advice you can give.

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Re: Looking for advise!

I don't think you are being selfish.  If we had named my son after his father he would have been the third since my husband was a Junior.  We didn't want that so we did what you are considering...gave him the same initials.  I think it's important you both agree on the name and are both happy with it.  Honestly I found this one of the hardest parts of pregnancy...agreeing on names with my spouse! 

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