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Just plain uncomfortable

Are any of you achey as all get out?? I don't remember feeling like I was hit by a semi with my first three. I've had hyperemesis graviderum with two, and I'm thinkin that's where headed again, but seriously my entire core/stomach/back simply ACHE like all the time. Not just after the heaving... Hoping you all can give me some comfort in knowing I'm not alone.
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Re: Just plain uncomfortable

I personally haven't felt that but I'm sorry you are hurting :smileysad:  ((hugs))

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Re: Just plain uncomfortable

Now that im entering 21 weeks i ache all the time too. This will be second child but other will be 14 this year so been a long while lol dont know kf its the difference in age or what but feel like a wimp. Work from home 9-5 all i can do to make it through day need a nap. Dont sleep well at night wether i take a nap or skip and up every two hours peeing, hope it gets better for you.
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Re: Just plain uncomfortable

Pregnancy can be just plain uncomfortable. And my doctor told me after you have had a baby before it is more uncomfortable each time. I thought it would be easier but it certainly is not. I can not sleep, I can not find the right way to sleep. Every thing bothers and irritates me. I hope this is just a stage, for me as well as you! Hope you feel better!

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Re: Just plain uncomfortable

This is my first pregnany and yes I indeed feel like I had a hard-core abdominal workout every day for the past week. I'm in my 19th week. I hope the achiness is caused from stretching/rounding ligaments. I have noticed that after sleeping at night I feel much better in the morning. But, by the end of the day I have a hard time walking comfortably. Hope this is normal???

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Re: Just plain uncomfortable

I feel for you my back hurts so bad the baby has been on my nerve and ooh the pain I wear a maternity belt now like my doctor instructed and have been getting adjusted also I have got on all fours to try and move him it don’t work 100% but it helps some have you tried that?

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