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Just feeling Pregnant :(

I am 30 weeks and 3 days and I am honestly just feeling cliché pregnant! 

My tummy is itchy and sore, I can't see my toes anymore, my back kills! I don't sleep, I pee all the time. I never thought I would be this pregnant person I was going to work out and feel great and pregnancy was going to be this beautiful glowing experience. Speaking of the glow where is it!! Cuz trust me the only "glow" I have is the sun reflecting off the sweat because I am always, always hot! I know it's all worth it in the end when I meet my daughter in October and I would do it over and over again, but at the moment all I can think is this sucks everyone lied to me about how "beautiful" it is and I want to be done!...... Sorry all I just had to vent I guess we could throw crabby in this list as well but I feel much better now. 

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Re: Just feeling Pregnant :(

I soooo know how you feel!  When I was pregnant with my first, I waited for that glow, that beauty and it never showed!  I was miserable!  Of course worth it in the end but those 9/10 months were so hard. 

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