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Im 22 weeks and 5 days preg I always thought m having a boy only to find out its a girl,is still so hard to believe but hey she's my angel and love her to bits

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Re: Disappointed

Congrats on expecting a girl!


I'm not expecting now, but as I know all about gender disappointment I understand. I always wanted just 2 children a boy and then a girl. So when my first born was a boy  and I got pregnant with my second I thought I would finally have my littel girl. Nope had another boy. Fast forward 9 years and I got pregnant again while being on some sort of birth control since my second was born. Turns out it was with twins that had separate sacs and placentas. Again I was hoping for a girl as boy/ girl twins are the most common. At 16 weeks I was told they were both boys and so I cried, a lot. By my 20 week scan I was just happy that they were healthy as my second son was born with congential heart defects and needed 3 heart surgeries. When I got pregnant with my fifth child I again was hoping for a girl, but knew with my luck it woukd be a boy and sure enough he clearly was at my 20 week scan. So wheh I get pregnant again I am not going to find out before the baby is born, but I will be having a boy's name picked out. lol


Good thing is that my second son is small and can wear my 8 year old twins' clothes and Lennox has plenty of hand me downs from the twins as he is just over 3 year younger than they are.

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Re: Disappointed

yoh you have a boys choir hey,thanks
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Re: Disappointed

It will be wonderful. My husband and I have always wanted 1 boy (first) and 1 girl (second). But with my first pregnancy, it was a girl, and my husband was a little more upset than I was, since he had an older sister (by 7 yrs). But our daughter is so much different than any other girls, she's more of a tom-boy. Now, there are some bugs that she hates, but she doesn't like to play with barbie dolls, she doesn't want to put her hair up, or doesn't want to stay all clean and mess-free. She loves going out and riding her little motorcycle or 4 wheeler. Now she's only 3, so most likely in about 7 yrs things will change, but I would not give up my little girl for a boy. They are all wonderful and you will have fun and cherish her no matter what.

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