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Anyone else's hair and skin WRECKED?

I thought w/ prenatals, you were supposed to get great hair and and nails and skin. My hair is like STRAW and I can't seem to style it anymore. It's naturally curly and I straighten it w/ a round brush and hairdryer, but it is just FLAT FLAT FLAT and like straw. I can't even stand to look in the mirror, it looks so bad. It seems almost dead, and there are smaller pieces like baby hair all throughout my head, shorter than the rest and really fine.............


My skin is also breaking out like a teenager's! I never had acne so now that I am at 39, I'm thinking it has to be the hormones from being pregnant, or the prenatal viamins, although as I said, I thought I had heard that prenatals make your hair all pretty and such........


Not in my case!!  Maybe the old wives' tale is true, and I'm having a girl, cause my beauty has definitely been stolen!!!  (but that's okay as long as my baby is healthy!)

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Re: Anyone else's hair and skin WRECKED?

Oh wow yeah I had the wonderful thick hair while pregnant and strong nails. Now my skin wasn't so great :smileysad:
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