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2nd Baby Blues with the hubby?

I have a question for women out there that have kid or kids and preggo for another time. My first pregnancy was great, my husband took care of me. Made me dinner every night, bought baby stuff, and came to my appointments with me. This is my second pregnancy and I have a 2 year old son, Noah. I don't know why he is acting different but he just doesn't seem to happy about this pregnancy or the same. We barely talk to each other, except argue here and there. He's been out of work so I understand that. But I just feel like (idk if this is possible) he has fallen out of love with me. :smileysad:

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Re: 2nd Baby Blues with the hubby?

The first thing that comes to me is that we as women see being pregnant completely different from men to begin with.  It would be interesting for you to see how he felt and what his thoughts were about your first pregnancy as well as becoming a dad.  Now things are different, and the consideration of what he's thinking or feeling comes into play probably a lot more than expected.  I've learned that some men can become very stressed or depressed when out of work.  The thought of not being able to provide for their families is a hard pill to swallow and knowing that another baby is on the way may heighten that concern or stress level.  Not to make excuses because you have a lot on your plate also, I just feel that men and women react to things differently and communication and understanding is the only remedy to try and understand the other's point of view in the situation.  I'm hopeful that everything will work out for you and your family!

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Re: 2nd Baby Blues with the hubby?

i am expecting my second baby too and to tell you the truth that is the same thing i had to go through. how it hurts to feel that your hubby does not love you. any way he's now excited and and he's hoping we get a baby boy coz our first child is a little princess. donot woory abot this whole thing. its just that he is not really new in the feild of fatherhooh so he actually thiinks being a father is not news any more coz he already is. just enjoy your self and keep praying for the best outcomes at the end of the road


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