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first time mom

I'm due in 2 months. A first time mom. I was worndering what exactly do you need to pack for the date?

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Re: first time mom

Well depending on where you are delivering. You might want to pack up some pajamas, robe, clothes for u and baby to find home. Comfy shoes to wear home and house shoes, your personal hygiene items because you know hospitals don't give that stuff you normally use. Extra pillows and that's basically it too much stuff and your significant other might be over worked with luggage, you and baby coming home. And besides that you never know who will come up there to visit you and bearing gifts for both you and baby.
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Re: first time mom

Your own pillow will make you more comfortable.  You will need clothes for after the baby is born, but you will still look about 20 weeks pregnant, so something comfortable. If you are planning or hoping to breastfeed you will want a shirt that isn't too tight. 

Toiletries are necessary. Also, I would pack your list of baby names, the CD you want to listen to and the phone number list for everyone to call.  

You may want to take everything in the hospital with you  rather than leaving it in your car waiting to see if you get admitted. If you do get admitted there may not be time to send your husband to go and get it all. 

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Re: first time mom

I went to my hospitals website to see what they recommend bringing for me and the baby. the list was very well organized and had a lot of useful information.
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