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Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

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Perfect place to vent, brag, share, meet other expectant Moms or just say hi...check in here daily on your October 2013 Pregnant Moms Club Pregnancy Chit Chat post!




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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

Is there any moms out there having a problem with swelled up feet and hands. If so what can I do to help them go down. I have 3 kids at home and can't be down with hurt and swelling feet.
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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

Try drinking more water. It may seem counterintuitive, but it can help.  Also, try to keep your feet up when you get the chance. 

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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

Im pregnant with my 3rd baby girl due oct 29 ive never had problems with vericcose veins and it seems like they seem to get bigger and appear in more scared my legs will never look the cant be from me gaining weight because im basically the same since i got pregnant, in fact i was huge my 2nd preg but no vericcose veins. anybody know a way to help, prevent, or maintain them
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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

Not much can be done unfortunately, but I read something that said Mederma or Bio Oil might help reduce the appearance of them. I'm on my 3rd as well, but this is the first time my belly button has popped out, it's natural but so weird to me.
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Re: Pregnancy Chit Chat :)

This is a bit late, but support hose works.  And try using a belly band... hopefully this is not coming too late and you already had the baby :smileyhappy:  But if so congrats!!  It is probably the way the baby is lying in your pelvis.  Good luck!!


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