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First Birthday Party!!

My little princess will be 1 in october and I know its early but I am thinking about ideas already for here first birthday party.  I would like to plan something with big.  She is my only child and I do not think me and my husband will have anymore.  Looking for ideas for my little Sophia. She is very friendly, funny and loves music and people.  I know anything we do will be ok but I want to make special memories I can show her when she is older.




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Re: First Birthday Party!!

Since i decorated her nursery in Ladybugs, and her nickname is Ladybug (bug) , we are going with a Ladybug party for our girl. :smileyhappy:


Maybe if you did a cute theme for the nursery, you can kinda follow suit with a same themed birthday as a way to celebrate that first year . :smileyhappy:

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Re: First Birthday Party!!

I love Brie's idea.  Maybe try starting with your theme first and go from there?  That might help get your ideas flowing.  Do you have a place in mind that you want to have it or are you having it at your home?

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Re: First Birthday Party!!

I went with an owl theme for my daughter's first birthday, which went along with the owl theme we have in the nursery. We had a cake made that was the centerpiece of the decor, along with some balloon bunches. The color scheme was yellow, green, pink and brown. I ordered a t-shirt from Etsy that had an owl, the #1 and my daughter's name embroidered on it.


We had about 20 people at our house - mostly family and a few friends. There were only 2 other kids at the party, so I decided against making party favors. My daughter isn't shy, but she was confused about why everyone was watching her and telling her to smash the cake in her face!


One thing I DO NOT recommend. We had her 1-year vaccines the day before her party. She ended up being fussy the morning of the party and refused to nap until about 45 minutes before the party started - way past her usual nap time! The next day she was in a much better mood.


Good luck planning your daughter's party. I think as long as you put a few personal touches on the party it doesn't matter how elaborate the decor is or how many people are there.

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Re: First Birthday Party!!

I'm looking at a place called Jelly Bean Jungle.  She likes it there and its 3 hrs the staff does everything I just have to bring the supplies

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