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Re: Names?

we aren't finding out gender and we aren't sharing our names

when people ask we say broccoli or asparagus or south, east and west as north was already taken.

we are willing to listen to everyones suggestions but don't want the potential judgement that comes from others if they disagree on our names. 13 more weeks (assuming on time) till the child gets a name and gender revealed

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Re: Names?

I'm having a little boy and his names is Damion Aiden Michael

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Re: Names?

x50374: I like that you say broccoli or asparagus.  That's funny.  It's strange that people don't seem to give us suggestions, but I feel the same way about telling people... I don't want the judgement.  Everyone THOUGHT they knew the names of our first, but we changed them 6 weeks before I was due and didn't tell anyone.  I think we would have gotten a lot of judgement for "Ashlyn", but now everyone likes it. 

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Re: Names?

Connor Franklin
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Re: Names?

Kelvis D Hart
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Re: Names?

Adria Faith :heart:


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Re: Names?

Connor Reid :smileyhappy:
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