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Gestational Diabetes Testing

So I went for my second, 2nd trimester appointment with my doctor the other week. It was a quick in and out type of appointment. We went through the regular procedures (urine sample, weight, blood pressure) and didn't talk about much else.


I'm coming close to 25 weeks (Saturday) and I've read and been told about the gestational diabetes testing. I was told by a number of friends and family members that they have had their gestational diabetes testing around this time. I should also mention that I am Canadian Aboriginal (same as America Indian) and my grandmother has diabetes. Weight has never been an issue for me and I'm quite healthy.


Okay so what I am wondering is whether or not the testing should have come up in the appointment? Should I have said something to the doctor about it or is it something that is at the discretion of the doctor?

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Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

Your dr may talk to you about it at your next appt.  They typically do it somewhere around 28 weeks or so.  Gestational Diabetes usually occurs due to your hormones, but typically goes away after the baby is born.  I wouldn't worry about it too much.  The drs have their process of when stuff should occur, etc.  Some make you come to the office and THEN do the test; others send the juice home with you to drink before you come.

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Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

Ask your doctor at your next appointment. my doctor plan to do mine around 26 weeks

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Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

It's usually done between 24 and 28 weeks.  I would ask at your next appointment or you could always call and ask the nurse when your doctor typically performs that specific test.

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Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

I had mine at 24 weeks however they usually do the testing between 24-28 weeks.   They will give you this bottle of very sweet orange or red juice to drink and then an hour later they take your blood.  It is no big deal at all.  I am surprised they didn't give you the juice at your last appointment.  I would call them because you should do it by 28 weeks.

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Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

mine is getting done at 28 weeks. 

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Re: Gestational Diabetes Testing

Im 28 weeks today and had the one hour glucose test.  Results were 156, anything over 130 - 140 the want you to do the three hour test.  So I have to go back Sept. 24 for that test.  Which also includes fasting and the dreaded nasty drink.  Which from what Ive read up on is worse than the one hour drink.  Not looking forward to this next one.


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