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Cervical Polyp

When I was about 19 weeks, I had some spotting, went to the doctor and found out I had a polyp.  Spotting cleared up and at my 24 week they did an internal, checked it and it bled a little the next day.  I have been fine for a few weeks and now I have spotting again.  It isn't a lot and it isn't bright red, but I am still a little nervous!  Just wanted to see if any other pregnant ladies have had the same issue?  And what their doctor said?  I go in for my 27 week on Monday so I don't want to call the dr since I think it is normal for it to spot on and off.  Any insight is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Cervical Polyp

I had polyps prior to pregnancy which is why i'd have a period for 2 weeks out of the month.

I had them removed. As long as the polyps don't grow too much then you'll be fine and so will the baby.

if they think that it is growing too much they can deicde to do surgery to remove them if they feel you are stable. I had a friend go through that about 30 weeks into her pregnancy.



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