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Belly not growing.

Im 20 and having my first child, before my pregnancy I was struggeling with a servere illness and was told I would never have babies so i was deffinetly shocked well I am due Nov 8th and my belly still is not growing and I rarely feel much movement stress tests and things have checked out okay but im a little worried! 

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Re: Belly not growing.

Everyone's belly grows at a different rate and everyone shows/carries differently.  I'm glad everything is checking out fine!  Is your doctor concerned at all?

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Re: Belly not growing.

I know I replied to this once, but don't know where it went...

Depending on how you're carrying, you may not show much at all and the position of the placenta can keep kicks to a minimum.  My MIL knew a girl who was only about 105lbs starting out and swore she couldn't tell she was pregnant even at 8 months!  As long as your dr says everything is ok, I wouldn't worry.

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Re: Belly not growing.

Baby getting big
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