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When do you tell friends/family?

Hi, I am 9+3 with my first pregnancy and I am wondering when you tell your friends and family? My husband and I tried to get pregnant for 3 years and finally it worked with the help of a fertility clinic. So far only few of my very close friends know, we didn't tell family or anyone else. Some people might guess it though, since I do not drink any alcohol any more and I do not eat certain foods. But I am so afraid that something might go wrong, I just feel like I don't want to tempt fate... Originally we wanted to tell after 12 weeks but now I learned that the prenatal screens might not be done until then (I'm not even sure what screens I really want though..) and I'm wondering now if I should wait until I know everything is really ok. But then, sometimes I am just so happy that I feel like I want to tell people and share the great news. How are you dealing with this?

Thanks :-)

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Re: When do you tell friends/family?

With my pregnancies, I told very close family and friends pretty quickly after finding out.  I didn't tell extended family or friends/aquaintances until 12-13 weeks along. 

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Re: When do you tell friends/family?

It just depends on what you are comfortable with. The good news is that if you want to share your exciting news, friends and family can be there to support you through it all.



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Re: When do you tell friends/family?

This is my first pregnancy and I told a handful of friends and family after I found out - really all the people who I would share bad news with too.
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Re: When do you tell friends/family?

I am not a private person so it is really hard not to tell. I have ended up telling more people than I thought because have been so sick. This is my 4th pregnancy but 2 unsuccessful then I had my 3rd time is the charm baby who is 9 1/2yrs old. We are waiting to tell him until the heart beat ultrasound on 12 weeks. My doctor said it would be better to wait until then. Trying to keep this a secret from him is so hard. Counting down the days until we cn let him know he will be a big brother. Stay strong, speak only positive things and tell people if you really want too.

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