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Mother-in-law telling people I'm having a girl

OMG my mother-in-law is already telling everyone I'm having a girl with curly red hair - just like SHE has always wanted (huh? No one knows what the gender even is yet). I like that she's excited, but it's starting to bother me and I'm feeling smothered (and a bit weirded out). How can I tell her to back off without hurting her feelings? 

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Re: Mother-in-law telling people I'm having a girl

So that you don't come off wrong, maybe you should have your husband explain boundaries now so you won't have to explain it later after you deliver. I'm sure she means no harm but its your news to share and that kind of "predicting & reporting" just creates un-necessary pressure.
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Re: Mother-in-law telling people I'm having a girl

I'd tell your SO to talk to her. Unless she is like mine where you have to basically tell them they are wrong and can not do that. trust me, I was NOT the nicest person to tell her she was wrong. Her son however flat out refused. It is best dealt with now and make sure your SO knows that y ou dont like it. and he needs to take care of it.


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