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Is Anyone Planning a Home Birth?

I just started my 14th week and have been regularly seeing an OB. My husband and I had also interviewed several midwives when we started this journey. After doing a lot of considering, we have finally decided on a home birth. My husband is (nervously) supportive. Knowing how cautious our midwife will be during the process, we feel safe doing it at home with an option of transfering to the hospital (10 min away) should anything unforseen arise. My husband's bigget fear right now is the moment when I declare "I can't do this anymore I want an epidural" and he is tasked with being my "sane" voice and reminding me that I can do this and this is what I wanted! We'll see. I have no idea what I'm in for... 37 years old, 1st pregnancy:smileyhappy:

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Re: Is Anyone Planning a Home Birth?

I'm not planning a home birth, but a natural one in a freestanding birth center which is the same thing as giving birth in someone else home! :smileywink:
In my case the hospital will be 3 miles away and a midwife and a certified nurse will assist me during labor and delivery.
Of course this is going to happen only if the baby and I are both healthy and there has been a normal pregnancy.... Which I hope!
My husband is totally supportive with my decision and this is the best thing for me!
I think that if the labor will be too painful and I'll ask for an epidural... Well, we'll have to go to the hospital and give birth there then! Thinking this way make me feel that I have an escape! :smileywink:
But most of the time, or so I've been told, when you reach the moment in which you feel you can't handle it anymore is the last part of labor, between 7-10 cm, and at that point you can't have an epidural anyway because it will be too late!
My plan is to labor in the bathtub and I'm preparing myself with a healthy diet, exercise and yoga.
So far I'm not scared... Probably because I don't know what is expecting me... :smileywink:
I'm in my 17th week and this is our first baby too.. And I'm 31 and italian (sorry for the mistakes btw)!
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