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How & When are you Telling Family & Friends???

         With our First my DH couldnt wait to tell everyone. As soon as he saw someone he told them. With this one we have decided to wait. I have told a couple of my close friends but NO family on my side. I want to wait. He however told his mother and it ended up on FB to which I went crazy lady on his mom and it was down quickly.

          I have decided how to tell the family and friends who dont know. We are going to do family pictures and send them out with notes. Im waiting till Mid November to send them.  

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Re: How & When are you Telling Family & Friends???

My bf and I each have three teenagers to tell, so we are going to take all six of our children out to dinner and hand them envelopes to open at the same time.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow, and I'm going to have them print "Hi! I am your new sibling!" on the picture and then make copies to put in each envelope.  We have no idea what the reactions of six teenagers is going to be like, so we are a little nervous.  I'm going to have someone from the restaurant capture it on video for us.  :smileyhappy:


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