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How about you???

I'm a curious person. You can answer or not I figured we lean alot on eachother in the coming months so why not learn a little about eachother.


Name: Georgia

Age: 24

Birthday: Nov 21

Other Children: James 12/1

Relationship: Married 4years

Hobbies: Reading, Photography, Shopping, Pinterest Lover


Feel Free to add anything else you can think of!!!

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Re: How about you???

I take that back. My Dh has decided he wants a break. So, Im not somewhere between married and single.
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Re: How about you???

I'm sorry to hear that :smileysad:

~ Christine ~
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Re: How about you???

[ Edited ]

Name: Amberlee

Age: 25

Birthday: Feb 2

Other Children: Tristin (boy) 10/22

Relationship: Married 4 years, together now 9 years

Hobbies: Reading, baking, singing, my son, animals, vollentering and wicca


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