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How To Choose The Right Hospital or Center???

Hi Mommies,

After my last appointment I m going to have to change to a new OBgYN. Mine is only affiliated with one hospital and its one for many reasons that I'm not comfortable with or feel good about. So now I'm hunting for a new one. Which feels like searching for the right wedding venue; though this is a million times more important. Very Overwhelming! Do I start to find a great OB then go with their Hosp (which failed this time when OB of years not only stopped delivering two yrs ago;missed my window for him LOL, but is with the wrong hospital)OR do I find hospital I like,do tours, ask as, then link with an OB that practices there? How far should Hosp be? My husband keeps warning not to choose one more than 20min from house in traffic...but all 'good ones' are 30-45 min...advice? First time mommie to be so cant gage what labor and delivery will feel like? Nor if I will have that 30-45min window to work with...I thought first timers took forever to deliver? Anyone from MD have any recommendations on hospitals or centers ? Thanks mommies : )
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Re: How To Choose The Right Hospital or Center???

I sort of relied on advice from my other Mommy friends when it came to picking a facility.  I also had an OB I loved both times so I went to one of the two hospitals he was affiliated with.

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