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Due May 13 and stick severe morning sickness

I'm 26weeks with first baby and I still have really bad morning sickness. I've tried zofran, diclegis, phenergan in three forms, motion sickness patches, vitamin b6, raglan, zofran tongue tabs, and I have been hospitalized 8 times for dehydration because I can't keep down fluids. Anyone else have this much trouble? If so what helped you?
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Re: Due May 13 and stick severe morning sickness

Argh! I've only just stopped spewing so feelyour pain, it sucks! I was lucky and able to minimise it with vit B and ondansetron (zofran) and acupuncture. Have you tried the acupuncture? It's amazing and I highly recommend it. Are you on the highest doses of the meds? Keep going back to whoever is trying to help you get it under control so they keep trying to find something that works. Also there's a website with a forum for hyperemesis ladies who will have heaps more ideas for you too. I found reading the forums reassuring that there are other people out there sick (if not sicker) and got ideas from there too. It's frustrating seeing other pregnant ladies happy and healthy and you feel like crap and completely ripped off!
Good luck, nearly finished then you can eat a big as dinner and keep it down!
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