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Re: Constant Nausea

Thats great news! Who knew that B6 would help:smileyhappy:


Did you know that only 50% of pregnant women battle morning sickness? That number surprised me because it with all three of my pregnancies.



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Re: Constant Nausea

My doctor has me taking half a zofran every 6 to 8 hours and i live off of saltines. Good luck!
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Re: Constant Nausea

This is my 4th pregnancy and the Nausea this time around is all new. I have the nausea all day long most everyday it seems.  There hasnt been any throwing up yet, though i dont know whats worse at this point. Just stick in there and hopefully it will be over soon and wont last the entire pregnancy. Im hoping it doesnt last the entire pregnancy...that will be awful. Congrats to all the mommys due in May 2014!!!!!  :smileyhappy:


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