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Braxton Hicks or something more serious?

I am due May 6th with baby #2. Two days ago my husband and I took our toddler to the zoo for a few hours. Needless to say it involved a lot of walking and chasing! For the rest of that day and into the next I had BH every 2-3 minutes. Today they aren't as regular but still pretty consistent (more than 6 in an hour) I don't want to go running to the emergency room only to have them tell me I need to stay off of my feet, on the other hand, I don't want to ignore something more serious. I'm sure I just over exerted myself, but is 2 days of this cause for concern? Anyone else experienced this before?
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Re: Braxton Hicks or something more serious?

I would call your doctor or go see them rather be safe then sorry

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Re: Braxton Hicks or something more serious?

most likely all you did was over exert yourself.. doesn't hurt to check tho especially if its gone longer than a day. Same thing happened to me tho; had a weekend away with the girls and all we did was window shopping and tons of walking. Come Monday, i was having cramping and tightening in my abdomen area ALL DAY. I just made sure to take it easy, and i drank TONS of water.. after monday, no more cramping. I didnt get checked right away and nothing bad happened, but not everyone is the same.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Braxton Hicks or something more serious?

I had Bh and my doctor told me if I have more than 6 I'm an hr to call him and if its not bad to drink a lot of water. I usually have Bh at night
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Re: Braxton Hicks or something more serious?

Calling would be best.  No need to waste a trip in when you can explain your situation and symptoms over the phone.  I just had to do that a couple days ago and was advised to drink lots of water since dehydrating yourself can cause labor pains and that if the contractions become more frequent, to go in.  I had them for about two hours but they were inconsistent and became less frequent.  Hope this helped!


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