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Braxton-Hicks Pains

This is my 3rd pregnancy but my first time encountering Braxton-Hicks pains. I am 28w+1d along and I was out with my DD when they first hit. It was a bit freaky to feel that and not think Oh My Gosh am I in labor? Like I said 3rd pregnancy but first time feeling these pains. I am just wondering how many of you a) started feeling your BH pains? b) what you did to alleviate the cramping pain?
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Re: Braxton-Hicks Pains

I started feeling BH's around week 18, and am now 27wks. Definitely a weird sensation. Mine dont hurt, but sometimes if I get alot during the day, my abdomen muscles get sore. Everything I have read about how to manage BH's has worked for me. When you feel one coming on try taking a walk or start moving around, drink some water, lie on your side for a bit.. change up whatever it is that you are doing at the moment and they should go away.


sometimes, if your uterus is even a little under-hydrated, it can trigger BH's too. And no matter what they're called, BH's are STILL contractions so always stay hydrated.


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