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Belly Bump Advice

Hey ladies..

I'm pregnant with my first child. Due date is May 23rd. So that makes me 14 weeks.. but why do I feel like I'm growing faster than my weeks? My bump is VERY noticable and is hard as a rock. I wouldn't say I was slim before being pregnant but I did have "love handles". I have met women who were further along than me and I am showing way more than them. One mom-to-be was 22 weeks and her belly was half the size of mine. In my weeks pictures there are differences in each, like their should be but I'm almost worried that something is wrong. Please help with any advice you may have.. 

Thanks in advance!!

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Re: Belly Bump Advice

same thing is happening to 5 weeks (im 15weeks now) my stomach was doctor said it was fine because i have only gained the recommended 10lbs so far...i was told once that my uterus is slightly forward so im thinking that could be why im showing more...ask your doctor if you are truly concerned
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Re: Belly Bump Advice

Hi I am 16 weeks and this is my sixth baby my last set was twin boys i havnt been to the doc yet should i be small or big for how many weeks i am
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Re: Belly Bump Advice

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Even though it's hard, don't compare yourself to others.  Every belly is different and every pregnancy is different.  Do you know the gender?  I've noticed that moms of boys tend to stick out more while with girls, the moms tend to look wider and the belly isn't as pronounced.  If your doctor says everything is fine then try not to worry.    


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