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What milestones has your LO done?

Mine rolls both ways, sits up (but not straight yet), stands up while holding onto something, she "worms" (crawls) to get something she wants & just this past weekend she starting getting up on her knees! He also pick her feet up to walk. She took a "step" yesterday.
My LO is 5 months..
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Re: What milestones has your LO done?

Mine will be 7 months Fri. He crawls, rolls over both ways, pulls himself to a stand and tries to cruise but is still pretty wobbly at that. He will take steps with our help and has stood up with no support for a couple seconds here and there.

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Re: What milestones has your LO done?


My LO is 8 months old and rolls over, sits up and is "crawling" (hasn't actually gotten up on her hands and knees, but pulls with her arms and kicks her back leg to scoot across the floor).


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