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Re: twins

Hows ur girls? my boys weighed 2.4 & 2.5 on yesterday at 28 week scan... I started having contractions last wednesday dey were finally stopped friday am. Im back home on light activity..praying i can make it close to june
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Re: twins

Wishing you the best!  My 26wks scan, mine are 2lbs, and 2lbs 6oz - no TTS probably margin of error.  Just had our birthing class and shower all this past weekend.  Surprised I fit all of our gifts in the little house, but very grateful to have such wonderful friends and family.  Lots of Braxton Hicks so far, and I think someone was doing a jig on my bladder most of the day today, but otherwise we've been working through the fun of growing!  I'm on my 3rd maternity clothing show down - bump is winning.  

Are you having much reflux/heartburn?  Mine is out of control at night, and I need to sleep elevated, but if I fall from my tower of pillows, I get a rude awakening.  Any suggestions welcome.

How are your names coming along?  We have one picked, only 3 more to go given we don't know sexes until they're born.  

And where are you at on your nursery?

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Re: twins

hi there, saw MFM 2 day. baby B has too much fluid and is bigger than baby A, but not so concerned that we have to do anything but keep a close eye on them.. I have to admit I'm a little freaked out. I need some really good distractions and my husband is away... if I wasn't pregnant I would be drinking my way through a bottle of wine right now! I am a worrier by nature but I know it's not good for the babies or me. I have definitely hit the "wall" this week. even taking a shower is exhausting so I don't think I will get this house unpacked anytime soon. I've had reflux a few times and heartburn but it helps to prop myself up and take some tums. I'm going to go to call my sister hope all is going well with you. keep in touch!
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