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Re: high risk pregnancy

Hi Abbey and Sara,


I hope you are both doing well. It's hard to turn off the scary thoughts, but you have to try. Take it one day at a time.

Keep taking good care of yourself and be thankful for each day of healthy pregnancy.

I sure hope you share baby pictures whebn the time comes:smileyhappy:



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Re: high risk pregnancy

Thanks for your post.  I am always afraid to be anything but positive but my thoughts always seem to run toward fear.  I had a previous ectopic pregnancy and am high risk because of previous surgeries.  Each week is like a celebration because I am so scared something is going to happen.  


I am now taking each day that I wake up without bleeding or cramping as a victory as a way to try to stay positive.  I also read statistics to try to give myself perspective.  


The one bad habbit I can't break is making extra doctor appointments for what I consider emergencies.  Luckily I am in a system of private health care so my doctors let me have as many appointments as I want.


I am right there with all the women that are not glidding through their pregnancies as if everyting is just perfect.   

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