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extremely tired

Hello everyone I'm pregnanat with baby # 5 and work full-time.  I'm starting to feel really anxious about being able to handle it all!  In suggestions on how you keep it all together.  I feel guility that i'm not as playful or alert as I use to be with my two youngest children (8 & 6).  Help please!!

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Re: extremely tired

I can sympathize with how you're feeling.  Although I am only pregnant with #3 and work full-time.  (also have to add in kids sports/activities schedules and volunteer time).  I have been absolutly exhausted with this pregnancy, way more then with my first 2, but it seems to be letting up a bit.  And I also find myself worrying a lot about EVERYTHING and how we are going to handle this.  While I don't have any easy solutions for you there are a few things that I find help me. 1 - The question is HOW are we going to handle this, not ARE we going to handle this. While lots of things might not get done (laundry, house work, bills all paid on time, etc.) you will find a way to do the important stuff that matters most.  Not everything needs to be perfect. 2- you are not alone. 3- try to focus on what you have and be thankfull for it. 4- tell yourself all the time that "I will be fine", "everything will be ok", "We will get through this" and other encouraging things.  I also plan to start doing yoga again every night before bed to help my brain relax for sleep.  (I don't think I've done yoga in a year but when I did do it I found it really helped to calm me down and clear my head)


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