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Name spelling


I really like the name pronounced Loo-SEE-ah.  However I am not sure on the best spelling.  Lucia or Lucilla?  I know traditional spanish and Italians would pronounce Lucia as Loo-CHEE-a or Lou-sha (like the island) and they would spell my pronounciation Lucilla because the double L pronounces as a Y.  But I am worried that most Canadians/Americans would pronounce the L's in Lucilla like Loo-SIL-a, kind of like Godzilla.  What are your thoughts?

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Re: Name spelling

That's a tough one.  I would probably pronounce Lucia as Loo-see-a since I'm an American.  That is how it looks to me although I would wonder if I should pronounce it Loo-chee-a. I honestly don't care for the the other spelling at all.  I could see myself saying Loo-sill-a.

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Re: Name spelling

You can do Lucia....but then again some may say Lu-Sha....Like St.Lucia. as you mentioned.


So then another option would de Lousia....but then at first glance it looks like


This one is tricky.


So then how about Luseah?????

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Re: Name spelling

Spanish in Latin America would pronounce Lucia as (Loo-See-Ah).


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