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Jealous doggie

I'm nervous about how my 7yo dog will adjust to a new baby. She is a sweet dog, just a tad jealous. She is not aggressive, shes a 50lb lap dog/cuddle bug. She tries to sit between my SO and I when we are watching TV or laying in bed (she has to be closer to me then he is). I am just curious about what I can do to make the big change a tad less stressful on her. This is my first pregnancy, so the dog is used to being "my baby" for the last 7 years. Thanks for any advice you all can offer!!! :smileyhappy:

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Re: Jealous doggie

Being a female dog usually they are more prone to try to "mother" the baby than be jealous of it. So dont worry too much. But if she does act jealous when the baby gets there just let her know what is good behavior with the baby and what isn't. Try to give her as much attention as you can even though with a newborn it can be hectic lol And when all else fails you can always buy her love with bones and treats! Lol 


-Soon to be mommy and Dog groomer :smileyhappy:

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Re: Jealous doggie

I have a very cuddly 2 year old dog who has been our 1st "baby" & I wonder about the same things! I got a few websites from a great vet who is also a friend of our family. She recommended the following:

Also, some hospitals have a class on preparing for a baby with a dog! Not sure if it's worth the $ but another resource. Good luck & congrats!
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Re: Jealous doggie

When we told people I was pregnant many of the first replies were, "Oh! What will (our dog) think."  Our dog is known to all our family and friends as our first "baby."  We are those dog people that have an 8 year old only child-doggie who is over the moon spoiled.  To make matters worse our dog can't stand children.  She is a feisty little dog that barks aggressively at any child within view.  She has been to numerous training classes and we have had a personal at home trainer to help combat her barking at children but she is still not totally under control. This is going to be a huge adjustment as our dog has been the center of our family for so many years.


We are just going to make sure that we do our best to keep the baby safe and not put the dog in a position to get into trouble.  Of course we will still make sure our dog knows that she is our first baby.  I think making an effort to exercise and pay attention to your dog is a huge first step is combatting jealousy.  


I have heard that many spoiled dogs simply end up ignoring the new baby and being extra needy to their owners.  In my mind this isn't so bad because at least the baby stays safe.

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Re: Jealous doggie

Hi I am new to this site as my husband and I just signed on as a vendor. I saw your post and wanted to let you know that we could help. My husband is Matt Beisner of THE ZEN DOG You can check out our reviews on yelp Give us a call if you would like support with your jealous pup.  


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