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High risk due to a vp shunt and dd June 22

I am a high risk pregnancy and I'm 19 years old. When I was born I weighed 2lbs4oz and was 4 months premature. Due to pressure on the brain I had hydrocephalus shortly after birth and to stop it the doctors placed a right ventricle shunt in my brain to drain fluid from my brain to my abdomen. My biggest concern is that I will be okay. My baby I'm sure will be very healthy. I however am just very worried about my own health and fear that I will be in lots of pain or that problems will occur. Anyone else high risk or have a ventricle shunt in the brain that drains in the abdomen? It's all very very scary to think about.
I too though am very very excited for baby! He or she is due on June 22, 2014 and my boyfriend and I are ecstatic about it as we had been trying for about a year and half to conceive! :smileyhappy: f
feel free to share feelings thoughts or anything. And I'd love to hear of other high riskers in possibly the same high risk situation too. :smileyhappy: <3 It's so nice to have other pregnant women to talk to!
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Re: High risk due to a vp shunt and dd June 22

Oh wow! How are you feeling now and how is your pregnancy going?
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