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Feeling awful about jealousy

I am due in June and got pregnant after one month of trying. My husbands friends (not very close to them personally) have been trying for a year and a half and she is now pregnant and due end of August. I cant help feeling slightly annoyed as I wanted to be the only one (in our circles) due in 2014. I feel as though she has stolen my thunder. Please can someone help me overcome this as it’s affecting me and I don’t know why!
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Re: Feeling awful about jealousy

I find lots of things upset me more then they should as well with this pregnancy. Usually small stupid things. lol  That said I can understand where you are coming from.  Especially when you're a first time mom.  Myself and my sister-in-law both got pregnant with our first children arround the same time and were due within days of eachother.  So it was a bit of a race to see who would have the first grandchild on that side of the family.  However, I am currently on my 3rd pregnancy and for each one there has been multiple aquaintances/friends/family due arround the same time.  I've found that I love having a big network of people who are pregnant along with me to talk about what we are experiencing, our expectations and fears, and once the kids are born, to have lots of play dates with and exchange stories about our kids as they grow-up together.  Try to get to know the other couple better.  This gives you something in common to use as an ice-breaker towards starting what could develope into a great, long lasting friendship.

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Re: Feeling awful about jealousy

Crazy - I am nearly in the exact same spot and I'm pissed too!  We got pregnant on our honeymoon with twins, and I was thrilled.  Our first (& second) children!  Anyway, just found out today that husbands Best friend since 2nd grade is expecting (they've been trying for 1yr +) and it's twins - IVF or something.  


Thing is, she - (BFF's wife) is very mean to me and has been on a number of occasions.  She planned her wedding reception on our date - we ended up eloping.  She chewed me out for 3 hours over new years about staying out of her life, but has been asking all about my pregnancy and stuff from my husband.  


I now feel like I need to go on defense and get my shower date locked down before she tries to have hers the week before, and I just wanted to enjoy this.  We have a lot of overlap in friends/family, but i don't feel as carefree anymore.  I want my names hushed up, dates secret, and everything protected.  Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for them to be expecting, but just wanted more time to enjoy our babies.  Does that make me mean?


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