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special needs child birthday party

I don't want this to sound rude or ungrateful but how do you let birthday party attendees what to get the child? Often in the past I have had numerous text/phone calls/emails asking for likes/wants/sizes but she always gets toys that are pointless. I don't want to be rude and sound link gifts are expected but can I create a gift wish list (like target/walmart ) and include that with the invite with a note that says gifts are not nessary but if you wish please use the wish list? I don't want all the text/calls again. My daughter will be 3 and has no use of her muscles, but I don't want that to stop her from having normal experiences like parties. Thank you
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Re: special needs child birthday party

For my birthdays growing up, I did a wishlist on a web page, so that people didn't buy me things I didn't need or couldn't use. I included a link in my invitation and said something like "You just attend the party is a gift enough for me, but if you are looking for gift ideas please visit ....." Not sure if that is helpful.
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Re: special needs child birthday party

My daughter is special needs and is now 6 years old.  I know EXACTLY what you mean.  This happens with us every year and why have I not thought of doing a wish list!  I think people would really appreciate a list that you have created so they know exactly what you feel your daughter would enjoy receiving that she could actually use.  I had no idea what to tell people to get her.  Like you, we would receive gifts that she could not use.  This year I thought about asking people to just donate money to a certain charity of our choice in place of gifts.  Turns out my daughter was sick and we had to cx her party twice.  Anyway, I think your choice of words is perfect...something about a gift not being necessary and that their attendance is gift enough but that you've put together a list of things you feel your daughter would love should anyone wish to bring a gift.

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