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Registry Question

Hi fellow mama's!!!!  I'm due July 29th with my first and we aren't going to find out what we are having, so I've got a few questions. 


How far along in your pregnancy were you before you set up baby gift registries at baby stores?

What are some must haves to put on the registrey?

What are good gender nutral things to register for?


I've been a nanny for 10+ years to infants and toddlers but now it's my turn to actually be mommy and my husband and I are over the moon!

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Re: Registry Question

I think I started my registry at about 5-6 months along.  Must-haves for me were vibrating bouncy chair, video monitor, burp cloths (plenty!), onesies, diapers (plenty! lol), car seat, stroller(s)...

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Re: Registry Question

I'm actually due July 27th and since we're past the most risky point in pregnancy, I decided to start a registry.  It's more to remember what we like and if people want to start planning or thinking about gifts they can.  But that's just me.

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Re: Registry Question

Hi there, I am due July 15, first baby.

Really import things you will need according to my mom, sister and friends... burping clothes, recieving blankets, onsies, car seat, crib, swing/viberating bouncer, bottles & a breast pump (if you are breast feeding, helpful for your partner or babysitter when you need a break), nursing bra, baby carrier, stroller, towels, baby bath, lots of diapers (I suggest a diaper raffle for your shower, great way to get lots of diapers), baby monitor, diaper bag, change pad, sheets, etc. The list goes on. Most places where you register, I found had a check list of items.

I started registering in Early march, but started doing research on items I wanted back in January. I was still adding stuff last week. There is so many items to look through I found it very over welming.

Not sure if this is the case with most showers, but I had my first shower this past weekend in my home town, and only ended up with a couple of things off my registry. Most people bought me clothes. Which I didn't need as my sister and cousin have given me a bunch of hand-me-downs. Hopefully my second shower in the city will be provide some of the items I actually need.
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Re: Registry Question

How exciting! Way more fun taking care of your own baby:smileyhappy:


I say register sooner than later. Have fun with it. Go to the store when you have plenty of time and go down the isle and look at avery item. You may find a few things you wouldn't by for yourself but maybe someone will surprise you with :smileyhappy:


Love all the items that people suggested.




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