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Pregnancy Nerves!

I had a miscariage back in February, I was only 5 weeks along but my husband and I have been trying for 2 years before then. In order for me to be able to concieve that time I had to get put on metformin to help with my PCOS. I was on metformin for almost 8 months before we concieved. The way we found out I was pregnant we were actually seeing an infertility specialist. Greatest day of my life but the worse day too. The day we found out that I was pregnant I was having really bad cramps but i thought it was me preparing for my period. Went to my dr. appt and I told them my symptoms and they wanted to do a urine test. Came back positive so we did an ultrasound, it couldnt be seen on the monitor, did blood work that day and had to come back two days later to check the hormone levels. It was devestating and I blamed and still sometimes blame myself. We have gone through a lot this year and it has been exhausted. We stopped trying for serveral months because I was so depressed, upset and blaming myself constantly for it. When we finally decided to try again we went to a different infertiity specialist, (the other one wasn't bad but she moved way! :smileysad: ), at the beginning of september.  He did a lot of blood work to also confirm that I indeed have PCOS. He also realized that I had a underactive thyroid, he thinks thats what caused my first miscariage, it made me feel a little better when it was something I couldn't control. I was on my thyroid medication for almost a month before I concieved again! It was wonderful and I couldn't believe it, I still can't. However I'm worried and I scared that I will miscarry again for some reason. I have almost doubled my last pregnancy, I wil be 10 weeks on monday dec. 23. and I am due July 23. I had an ultrasound last saturday because I had an abnormal large amount of blood loss (for me!) and extremely painful cramps so I went to the ER right away. They said however everything was fine, the ultrasound showed a heartbeat of 168bpm and he was moving all around. Dr. told me that he isn't putting me on bedrest because I was only about 9 weeks, but he wants me to start taking it easy for the rest of the first trimester just incase and itll probably change for the better in the second trimest. I have another ultrasound on Dec. 27 that im excited for but yet still nervous. I don't think I will ever be worried free during this pregnancy till after our little baby is born. After trying for so long and feeling like im letting my husband down with the last pregnancy, I'm just scared, I don't think I can go through a miscarriage again. I would just like some support from people that know about this, thats gone through this or similar. I feel overwhelmed and praying to GOD that everything will work out and get better in the second trimester. Anyone know how to stay relaxed and calm through out this process? Please help! Thank you so much.

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Re: Pregnancy Nerves!

Luke warm baths and favorite scented candles with soft music always relaxes me. Try something like that. Maybe a quiet walk in the park... :smileyhappy:
Best wishes!
Good luck(:

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