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Pets and baby :3

So i know a lot of people have pets and i've always found it interesting how animals react to human conditions. All my dogs knew about the baby long before anybody else did, well except me of course, and now our one female dog (who has been a mama and a grandma herself) is starting to eat a lot compared to what she would typically would eat this time of year. so my guess is that even though she is now neutered, she is having sympathy pregnancy. when my sister was pregnant she only got protective and such, but my sister didnt live with us, but since my dog is around me all the time i think she's experiencing a lot more horomones from me because both of us just got a major increase in appetite.


Let alone our cat has gotten more cuddly then he used to be, and wakes me up with purrs, but after feeling the baby move under him he no longer lays on my belly, guess its too weird for him LOL


So whats the story with all the pet owners out there? any new weird behaviors from your best friends?

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Re: Pets and baby :3

I have a 12 year male cat and a 4 year old female dog. 

My male cat doesn't seem to understand there is a baby in my belly.  He will jump on me.  In fact he seems less cuddly.  I really wonder what is going on in his head.

My dog has became extremely protective.  I wonder if it is that she knows I am pregnant or if she feels I am no longer her strong alpha owner.  We go for walks and she will now randomly jump at people who look at her or me.  I worry about discplining her too much. 


I was also wondering what other pet owners are going through

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Re: Pets and baby :3

I have a 4 yr old male dog and for a while after we found out I was pregnant he seemed to only want to interact with my boyfriend. As of late however, he's gotten playful with me again and loves to greet me at the door. I'm pretty sure he knows something is going on with me because he does seem to be more protective when I take him out for walks and to use the bathroom. Before, he wouldnt worry about other people walking by or being around and now he has a tendency to run up and try and sniff them and I'm assuming make sure they are harmless.


I'm interested to see how he will react once our daughter is born and she comes home; I'm hoping the transition goes well for him since he is usually very friendly with children now.

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Re: Pets and baby :3

I have two dogs - Kiara, a 7 year jack russel and her 4 year old son Oreo whose daddy is a maltese-poodle, so he's got 3 breeds mixed, he's quite the character. Kiara is very affectionate with me, but she's tricky that one. When my husband, my brothers and my dad are around (the males of the family) she acts all posh-like as if she's too important for me. I would call her and she would just give me this look and walk away LOL. But when it's just her and I, she wants to cuddle and if I even move an inch away she puts her head under my hand so I can scratch it and then lies herself on me I don't know if she likes to act like a toughie aroundt the men and around me she turns into jello!


Oreo on the other hand has become very territorial since my husband and I moved in together and got married. He wasn't like that before. Once I got pregnant I became worried about his behavor and how he would act around our baby. As of now, he's more affectionate with me than usual. He comes to bed with me when I get home from work to take a nap and stays with me. If he goes out to the backyard or comes back from a walk, he runs quickly to look for me, and then's as if he's checking on me if I'm ok.


As for introducing the dogs to our baby girl who is due in July I began to read about the proper way to go about it. I have seen both cases where owners neglect their pets once the baby comes and well that creates bad behavior of course! And I've seen where owners continue to treat their pets with love and care and introduce them to the baby and it becomes a beautiful bond. I have attached the link of an article I read from Ceasar the Dog Whisperer :smileyhappy:.

And to let you know, I had my friend visit with her 9 months year old twins and the dogs were so good! Even Oreo-the-mister-territorial! I first took one of the babies's blanket and allowed them to snif it, if they got up to jump I would tell them no and to sit. Once I had the baby in my arms I allowed them to get close enough to see and snif from far, not too close though. Soon enough the twins were playing on the floor and the dogs were respectful enough to watch the babies from a safe distance (they stayed off the blanket where the babies were). The mother of the twins is also a dog owner so her calm composure also helped the introduction.


So there you go, there's my essay on my pets and baby lol.


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