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Re: HELP!! 9 weeks ultrasound and tech said couldnt find heartbeat

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          Unfprtunately the ultrasound that I had donw two days after I was told the the baby did not have a heartbeat only confirmed that there is no hope for this pregnancy as well as the blood work that was dont to test my hormone levels. We were so excited about this pregnancy as this was my first pregnancy and then completely devastated and kind of in denial when we went back in to see the doctor. The doctor wanted to wait another week to see if my body would miscarry naturally but after a week and a half of nothing happening I could not wait any longer and need a D&C done so that we could have closure and start the grieving process and then start to move on. I found out from my 14 y/o step daughter that dad (my boyfriend) has already been talking to my mom to see what months she doesnt have grandchildren in so he knows when we can start trying again... So I am keeping my fingers crossed and praying that the next time around everything goes smoothly and by this time next year that we will have a healthy baby. Thank you for all the well wishes, hugs and support this has been a trying time and the holiday season isn't making it any easier.  I hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! 



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