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Due 13th July - HEADACHES

Ive been getting headaches on and off for the past week.. ive tried cold ice packs on the back of my neck and forehead and getting my husband to massage my sholuders and neck.. but nothing seems to work.. I cant stand it anymore and loosing sleep over it..

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Re: Due 13th July - HEADACHES

Yes, I've been getting them off and on the past two weeks as well and since I'm already prone to headaches I imagine that todays won't be my last.  I finally caved after 12 weeks and took some tylonel; seems to at least take the edge off.  Good luck.

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Re: Due 13th July - HEADACHES

I have been getting headaches a lot lately. I finally called my DR today and she told me headaches in the second trimester are very common. She also said Tylenol every 4 hours is totally safe. I don't love taking medicine right now either but sometimes I have to cave. There is an awesome product called Migraine Ice that is a sticky pad you can put on your neck or forehead and it stays cold for hours. They have been a life saver for me!!!

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Re: Due 13th July - HEADACHES

I too have been getting headaches. I asked my doctor and I also see a naturopath, and they both said it was due to dehydration. I'm not a water drinker, so I find it hard to get enough when I don't want to drink anymore water! I keep it ice cold and drink with a straw. That seems to help. I add a little lemon too.
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Re: Due 13th July - HEADACHES

If you are not a water drinker trying drinking gatorade or vitamin water. Both have electrolytes im that to help prevent dehydration. I have recently started getting headaches within the past couple of days and have been using an ice pack which seems to help. However, with the awesome weather we have had and are expecting, 80 degrees over the weekend and possibly a couple inches of snow tonight and tomorrow, I am guessing that is why I started getting headaches. Hope this helps!


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