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I'm four weeks today, and i have constant cramps.  Has anyone else experienced this? It makes me nervous because I had a MC in January and now i'm extremely paranoid and refuse to tell anyone until I know everything is ok.

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Re: Cramping

I am 6 weeks and had some minor cramping the last 2 weeks, though it seems better this week.
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Re: Cramping

I had really bad cramps for my first child which I was told was implantation cramps! But mine only lasted a day!
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Re: Cramping

I have the same thing.. was kind of scared bc i had mc in august..but talked to my doctor he say it normal , implantation or uterus stretching to adapted for baby..
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Re: Cramping

Yes, I too had bad cramps during week four and still get crampy off an on. Doctor said it was normal :smileyhappy:


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