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waking and Screaming when put to bed??!!

I love nursing then rocking my 14 month old baby to sleep at night... but just in the last week she has awaken every time I have gotten up to put her into bed. Then SCREAMed for me. I don't generally go back into her room after I walk out (heartbreaking when she is standing up screaming)... and USUALLY she is calm, if not sleeping withing 5-45 minutes. but What is going on, why the sudden and dramatic change?

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Re: waking and Screaming when put to bed??!!

My children have gone through this type of issue off and on from an early age.  Honestly, I never have figured out why they can be sleeping great for so long and then one day suddenly get very upset and clingy when I put them to bed.  I'm not sure if it has to do with night terrors, sudden seperation anxiety or what.  Wish I was more help.

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